family words and catch phrases

Stoopoo icky-ock-ock [a generalized term of distaste]

Gunk, gunk, grizzly bear! [somebody just wanted to say gunk]

Doddle [infantile term for milk: compare to ‘bottle’]

Yong-ee-tong egg yong [all purpose fake Asian]

Smud; also Smudbone; also Crudbone [Dad expressions, sometimes after yawning]

C’n I shum pie? [somebody wants pie]

Petey Petey George [still waiting for an explanation]

“C’mon, Baby Doll…” [Mom would give other drivers names, sometimes based on their license plates]

“…It’s not going to get any greener.” [when you’re second in line at the traffic light]

“What do you want me to do? BOW you across?” [Mom, to a too-slow pedestrian]

“You’ll take what you get and be happy with it!” [I’ll try this on my daughter some day, just for the novelty.]

“GO AHEAD. EAT EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE!” [Backstory: I would ask Mom if I could have something to eat, like one of the expired Twinkies we bought at the bakery thrift shop. No answer. I’d ask again, and there would still be no sign that she heard. If I started to ask a third time, I’d get that response.]


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